What is Horrorgasm?

Horrorgasm is a one-night-only celebration of horror and all things creepy, spooky and macabre. The event will feature an Art gallery, an artisan marketplace, live performances, live readings of chilling tales, and our version of an escape room, the Horrorgasm Survival Chamber. Horrogasm’s curated artists and performers will explore this year’s themes of Monsters, Maniacs, The Paranormal, and the Surreal. The event will take place on Saturday October 26th at Queen Bee’s Arts and Cultural center in the heart of North Park in San Diego and is an all ages event. 


Join Horrorgasm’s curated artists as they explore this year’s themes and concoct chilling visions and nightmarish beauties!

If you’re looking for perfect skull to round out your collection or perhaps a one-of-a-kind piece to round out your wardrobe, our artisans and craftspeople will have an array of creepy merchandise to tickle your spooky bone!

Storytellers, dancers, costumed performers, contests, and more! Horrorgasm will have something spooky for everyone to enjoy. For a full list of all Horrorgasm activities Click Here.


The Surreal

Dreamscapes and visions. Find what is possible when we free our perceptions of their mortal bonds and allow our minds to explore the myriad possibilities of existence


Slashers and stalkers, human predators who captivate our imaginations and nightmares. What is it about these tortured souls that is so fascinating and why are we drawn to them?

The Paranormal

Ghosts, cryptids, psychic phenomena, do they frighten us or pique our curiosity. Explore those things that sit just on the edge of our understanding of reality.


Abominations of nature, mishaps of science, creatures from the deepest darkest depths, are they malicious or misunderstood? Explore what compels us about these creatures and why they are such an enduring presence in popular culture.