Short Film Showcase

Zoombies - Horrorgasm LLC

4 friends dealing with quarantine try to cheer each other up via zoom call, until something unexpected occurs.

Eyes of the Unwanted - José Iturriaga

Would you open a mysterious box if it showed up at your doorstep? Based on actual events, a strange package and the curse of the eyes of the unwanted is unleashed!

Ghost Lights - Dylan Davidson

Ghost Lights: A short 2 minute film about a ghost who haunts a theatre.

Hello - Napoleon Doom

Hello (web series): A woman dies unexpectedly, but can't quite conceive of the fact that she has passed. She goes on with her day to day life, uploading Snapchat videos of herself, trying to understand her ethereal isolation. In her recordings, she captures her husbands her attempts to communicate with her beyond the veil.

The Ring & Morty - Maxwell Scheller

“The Ring & Morty”, a Rick & Morty meets The Ring Short Film made using a Game Boy Camera for Animation and Sound. Receipt Paper Printed through a Game Boy Printer as Film. - Skag Brnčić

I had a dream when I was 4 that waves of acid flooded the entire planet. My mother and I tried to escape, but we ended up stuck in the hordes of traffic on the interstate. Surrounded by panicked people, my mother pulled me up on to the roof of her car. We sat there and said our goodbyes as the waves drew closer. Anyways, here's Wonderwall.