You can still experience all the panels, interviews, art, performances, and more! Continued viewing through December 31, 2020

Welcome to the home of the Horrorgasm 2020 Virtual Convention! 

Just because we can’t be with you doesn’t mean we still cant MAKE YOU SCREAM! At the Horrorgasm 2020 Virtual Convention get ready for us to reach right through the computer screen and give you the scare of your life! We are still bringing you all the features from 2019’s live show AS WELL AS adding a ton of NEW CONTENT for 2020! And much of this year’s content is 100% FREE!

You get access to the Artist Gallery, Vendor Marketplace, Haunted Library, and Fan Zone for FREE!

If you step up to the General Admission Package,  for $10 you get access to everything above PLUS, exclusive interviews, Special Horror themed entertainment, The Indie MEME Film Festival and much more! And for $25 you can get everything in the General Admission package Plus! A special package full of exclusive merchendise. Sign up TODAY!


Featuring – Short film festival presented by San Diego International Mobile Film Festival

San Diego’s International Mobile Film Festival by S. Botello Productions™ is an annual film festival launched in 2009 for films shot with smartphones.
The following films were shared with our audience by the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego, and will be showcased during Horrorgasm in the Free Film Showcase section of our website and we’ve created a YouTube playlist where you can find the films here,
Conrad Mess | Vengeance
Lucy Grossi | Mask
Cameo Wood | The Exit
Cristiano Soares | Mislinked (X)
Malwina Wodzicka | A Perilous Case Of Red Riding Hood

Art Gallery

(FREE) Horrorgasm’s 2020 art gallery will showcase the beauty and horror of transformation with our ghoulish group art exhibition featuring horror artists from across the country.

Performance by Adia Marrefemme

She’s Back! If you missed her last year, here’s your chance to experience the queen of our cold, black hearts.Get ready for an alluring and haunting tribal bellydance fusion performance by the enchanting Adia Marrefemme!

Scary Story Time

(FREE) It’s story time! Listen to horror writers read excerpts from their books that will frighten and delight you.

Spooky mixtape

(FREE) We have scoured the globe for all the horror and dark musicians, bands, DJs, for our lineup as part of our main event. Enjoy spooky music videos from your favorite horror themed musicians.

Panels and Interviews

Discover what makes writers and artists tick and get to know some awesome people in the horror and entertainment industry with our many panels and spotlight interviews!

Vendor Showcase

(FREE) Let us tempt you with our vendors’ spooky wares. Enjoy a variety of horror themed merchandise from vendors including artists, podcasters, YouTubers, resellers, and more.

Haunted Library

(FREE) The haunted library is your one stop shop for works of horror fiction. Check out the latest titles from horror writers. Bring our haunted library home to you.

Potions and Libations sponsored by Infinium Spirits

Really get into the spirits of Halloween with Danny Sommers of Noble Experiment as he demonstrates how to create your own delicious potions at home.

Radio Bingo and Trivia with Matt Stanton

(FREE) Come play with us! Join in on Free Live virtual games hosted by Matt Stanton for a chance at some boo-tastic prizes!

Stay Tuned for More Updates!